March 22, 2016

It's So Hard To Say Goobye

First, I would like say thank you to everyone for visiting Abnormal Realm here at Blogger for the past few years along with all your comments, feedback, submissions and email. Near the end of 2015, Abnormal Realm got its own domain and attached to Wordpress. I had kept posting on the blog at Blogger and Tumblr. After much consideration, I will be discontinuing posting at as maintenance of three site has grown to be difficult. This blog will remain for those wanting to checkout past achieved posts up till June which will then be deleted. Thank you again everyone for visiting and if you are still enjoy Abnormal Realm check us out at or

March 12, 2016

Now Serving Two Sentence Creepypasta

Recently I went over and visited my friend Ed, the guy who wrote Windigo Eyes, for a coffee.  He informed me about a trend on the Internet where creepypastas and horror stories were told in two sentences.  I checked this out and was amazed of the number of websites and video out there about this method of storytelling.  Ed had thought up a few of them and suggested they should be the next posting on Abnormal Realm.  Just for your entertaining pleasure and not sleeping tonight here is a serving of four original two sentences creepypastas.  Comment if reading this has resulted in nightmares.

March 1, 2016

I See Shadow People

In my circle of friends they know me to hold some knowledge about the paranormal. This is not the most beneficial trait as in any discussions about movies, TV series, books, and anything involving the unknown they turn to for information. They would ask me questions about Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, conspiracies and other supernatural phenomenon. I would recommend the number of resources available such as the Internet where they could research the information for themselves, yet they continue to ask. Just recently on friend inquired what the connection between sleep paralysis, alien abduction, shadow people and night hags. Normally, this would require a presentation to answer his question, but luckily I was able to find this YouTube video that summarizes everything.

February 20, 2016

Attack of the Killer Umbrellas

I have heard my share of some bizarre legends from haunted bathrooms to curse underwear. Earlier this week, a friend told me of this most odd myth about a spirit that I had to share with everyone. Comes to no surprise that the origin of this ghost comes from Japan. This country's folklore holds many tales on how humans, animal and even inanimate objects could turn into spirits or demons, otherwise known as yokai. The story I was told is this week's posting about an umbrella becoming the Kasa-obake.

February 14, 2016

Hearts and Windigo Eyes

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Yesterday went out for a coffee with a friend and he made a suggestion on adding a section featuring creepypastas. Yes folks, thanks to Ed's idea Abnormal Realm will be posting those bone chilling tales of horror found in urban legends and creepypastas for your entertaining pleasure to read. In recognition for Ed's suggestion, the first creepypasta will be one he personally wrote some time ago, so share your thoughts in the comments section about his story and this idea. Also, if you heard or know of any good ones feel free to send them in to Abnormal Realms.