May 24, 2015

Historical Werewolves: Jean Grenier

Modern historians researched into causes to explain the reports of werewolves throughout Europe over the centuries. Theories suggested have been hysteria, disease, mutation or medical condition. One argument that has been widely referred to is clinical lycanthropy where the person is affected with a delusion they could transform into a wolf or some other animal. The researchers believed the few cases where individuals were found guilt of murder, assault and cannibalism were suffering from this psychiatric syndrome. One account to always be mentioned when discussion clinical lycanthropy is Jean Grenier, which is the next installment in the series of historical werewolves.

May 16, 2015

Historical Werewolves: Gilles Garnier

The werewolf, also called lycanthrope, is a mythical human that possesses the ability to transform into a wolf by either spell, curse or natural ability. Legends of this creature exists in many of the folklore throughout the world. Do werewolves walk the earth or are merely the creation of nightmares from the human imagination? In Europe, for centuries many lived in fear that the creature was all but too real. There are documented incidents of people attacked by unusually large wolves along with accounts of individuals accuses of being a lycanthrope. Whether they were serial killers, murders, cannibals, or even innocents hundreds were trailed, tortured and then executed as a werewolf. In a three part series I am posting articles on historical cases involving those believed to have been the shape shifter. We begin with Gilles Garnier

May 9, 2015

Haunted Highways

Week two on the road and I never did enjoy driving at night on the highway. Often, several hours behind the wheel in pitch darkness makes me feel like I horror movie especially when going down a stretch of roadway rumoured to be haunted. This inspired me to post the following YouTube video.

May 2, 2015

Road Trip and Aliens

Looks like I going to have to hit the road again for work. As always I'll do my best to continue posting on Abnormal Realms. Now some time has passed since I had anything involving UFOs so here is an video from YouTube on alien abductions.

April 30, 2015

What Happened on the Dutch frigate SS Ourange Medan?

I had read many stories involving strange occurrences on the earth's oceans such as the Bermudian triangle, sea monsters and ghost ships. One mystery that has always caught my interest is the bizarre events surrounding the Dutch frigate SS Ourange Medan. Here is a YouTube that details more into this ship's chilling tale.