January 31, 2015

Devil's Gate Dam

As I child, I enjoy exploring places where I was warned not to go into or avoid after dark. They were the cemeteries, abandoned buildings, dark alleys and the forest. This curiosity all started from hearing a story about the area such as there's ghosts, monsters, someone was murder or people went missing. I wanted to know if such tales were real and in the end most weren't while others had some bases of truth. Most places would have one or two stories surrounding it, but when a location is just drowning in legends would you still go at night say for example the Devil's Gate Dam.

January 27, 2015

Podcast: What is Bigfoot

While here is Abnormal Realm’s first podcast about alternative theories to what Bigfoot is. Hope you everyone enjoys out. Let me know how it is as feedback, comments and suggestions are needed.

 Link to listen to podcast on Podbean

January 20, 2015

Were There Giants on Earth?

Still on the road for another week and living out of a bag. Last night was watching an interesting show involving the search for giants within North America. In the series, the investigators are following leads of reports of giant skeletal remains unearth over a century ago with the objective of finding them. Here is a YouTube I found giving more explanation on giants.

January 13, 2015

The Philip Experiment

Do you believe ghosts exist? If you do, what are they? Souls, disembodied spirits, echoes of the past, hysteria or the physical manifestation of the human mind. The knowledge of ghosts goes back for centuries and could be found within every culture throughout the world. There are many information and material on the matter yet much remains unknown and unproven . Scientific experiments have been conducted in the past in discovering the existence of the afterlife and ghosts. One of the most notable investigation conducted is the Philip experiment.

January 3, 2015

2015 with Cursed Objects

Happy 2015. Hope everyone had a good holiday. In this new year, Abnormal Realms will be featuring more articles, videos, guess bloggers and there are plans to start up an podcast in the near future. If anyone has suggestions for topics, content or anything in general feel free to contact me at texp32@gmail.com. Unfortunately, work has me hitting the road for the next few weeks, but I will try to keep the articles coming. Till then, to start off the new year here is a YouTube video on terrifying cursed objects.