November 21, 2014

Guest Article: The Jiangshi by Kyle Van Helsing

The Chinese have a very long tradition of hungry ghosts, monsters, evil spirits, and bizarre happenings that stretch back for thousands of years. They have always believed that evil is lurking in the darkness, even up into the present day. Rituals and prayers are still offered up to their ancestral spirits for good luck and good health. But there are some truly horrible things that hide in the dark of the night, ready to pounce and kill. Among the most horrifying things to come out of this country’s oral traditions and written literature are tales of horrific creatures that were once human, but now rise up out of their coffins at night to feed on the qi (lifeforce) of their victims. These undead monsters share traits with the modern-day notions of the vampire and the zombie, and yet it appears to be neither one. But the carnage and death that it leaves in its wake leaves little doubt that a monster is on the prowl. It is known as the Jiangshi, the “Hopping Corpse” of China.

November 15, 2014

Creepiest Places on Earth

Recently, I been asked by some people what are the scariest or creepiest places on the planet. Here's a YouTube video to answer that question.

November 12, 2014

Guest Article: Kushtaka (The Otterman), by Kyle Van Helsing

Alaska is truly one of the last remaining untamed wilderness areas in the world. It is cold, very remote, and the sun doesn't always shine. It's no wonder that they call it "Land of the Midnight Sun." The Tlingit and the Tsimshian have called this cold, beautiful country their home for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. Here, they have lived by hunting, fishing, and foraging for food in the snowy forests and the freezing rivers. However, each time they go out to hunt or to forage for food, they have to be wary, armed, and on their guard, for Alaska is said to be home to a variety of terrifying monsters. Sasquatch, the Adlet, Thunderbirds, the Waheela, and even the notorious Sheepsquatch call this country home. But among the most sinister and the most dangerous of these monsters is a shapeshifting beast that is half man and half otter. The Tlingit know this creature as the Kushtaka, the Otterman.

November 9, 2014

The Legend of Sheepsquatch

Urban legends are the modern day folklore portraying society's fears, anxieties, taboos and fascinations with the unknown. A few are real, as some may even contain on an element of truth while others are mere fabrications. Once told in school yards and on city streets, urban legends now found their way onto the Internet instantly becoming known across the global. If these tales were fictional or intended hoaxes, may would accept them as true once posted. I believe this to be the case involving Sheepsquatch, as its ends the urban legend series.

November 2, 2014

The Legend of the Goatman

Since ancient times, there has been legends told of creatures to be half human, half animal. Such myths exist within Greek mythological portraying the harpy, the minotaur, and the satyr. The satyr is described as a mystical, woodland creature that was part human and part goat. Even today, a similar creature is said within urban legends to be roaming the backwoods of America. We introduce the Goatman of Maryland.