March 1, 2015

The Spirit Box

Ever since starting the Abnormal Realm blog, I have been asked many questions about the paranormal from cryptids to urban legends. Recently, someone had inquired on what equipment to use in a ghost investigation which inspired me to write this post. The procedure, techniques and methods in conducting an investigation are the same now as they were 20 years ago, but the equipment used has changed with the advancement of technology. A camera may still be a camera, yet what I used in the 90s couldn't allow instant editing of images and upload to the internet. Within the last decade, I have tried to keep up to date with any new devices in ghost detection and there has been a few. I will be introducing a few of them in a three part series on lesser known equipment used in the paranormal field by first starting with the Spirit Box.

February 22, 2015

Podcast: Hollow Earth Theory

By request, an Abnormal Realm podcast with a brief introduction to the Hollow Earth Theory. Hope you enjoy it.

Added Note

Recently, a matter came to my attention that my position on the Hollow Earth theory was not clear in the podcast. To correct this situation I would like to state in my research i did not came across anything creditable within the theory to support the idea of the earth to be hollow or layered in spheres neither of an advance civilization inhabiting inside the planet. If there was life underground in my opinion I could image to be a ecosystem of plant life and insects within small to large caverns, The intent of the podcast was based on a request to present an introduction to what the Hollow Earth Theory, it origins and development and how its a source for several conspiracy theories. Hope this clarifies my position. Thank you all for listening and your feedback.

February 14, 2015

The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka

Zoologist Benard Heuvelmans has often been attributed to fathering crypotozology within the twentieth century. In his career, he believed creatures mentioned in myth and folklore were actually unknown species which he employed the scientific method in proving their existence. Such cases that demonstrated Heuvelmans hypotheses are the giant squid, ziphius, bondegezou and Okapi. As indicated in a pass podcast, one modern account of a cryptid identified is the Devil Bird of Sri Lanka.

February 12, 2015

Cryptids Week

In keeping up with the cryptozoology theme this week, here is a YouTube video on cryptids that may exist.

February 9, 2015

Podcast: Cryptozoolgy

Here is Abnormal Realm's second podcast about cryptozoology and the Van Meter monster. Feel free to leave any feedback, comments or suggestions.

Link to listen to podcast on Podbean